Promote the safety and well-being of children by implementing strategies that keep fathers involved and families together!

In the five years since I've founded 2NOT1 I've heard from fathers how they've learned to effectively co-parent with the mother of their child.

I've seen fathers get the tools and training they need to be more engaged and involved in the life of their child.

The best way to explain what I'm hoping to accomplish came from my 6 year old child, now 8, who when hearing the 2NOT1 Advisory Chair tell her story of growing up without a dad was in disbelief. She yelled "You don't have a father!" She couldn't fathom not having a father in her life.

I want all children to know a life where both parents exist and work together to raise them, love them, and give them all the things required for a healthy development into adult hood.

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    2NOT1 Mission: Promote the Safety and Well-Being of Children by Implementing Strategies to Keep Fathers Involved and Families Together!
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