25 for 25 is a micro-giving campaign that celebrates the big impact that small steps can make on the safety of college campuses nationwide.

The story of the Clery Center for Security On Campus is one of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It's a story of partnership - people coming together to solve a problem and make a real difference in the lives of college students across the country.

The Clery Center was founded 25 years ago by Connie and Howard Clery in the wake of the rape and murder of their 19-year-old daughter, Jeanne, in her residence hall room. In 1990, Congress approved the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act. Later renamed in Jeanne's memory, the Jeanne Clery Act took effect in 1991. A full text of the Jeanne Clery Act can be found at: http://www.clerycenter.org/jeanne-clery-act.

Today, the Clery Center for Security On Campus provides Clery Act compliance trainings for college and university officials across the U.S. We advocate for victims and for policy initiatives that support our mission. Beyond the law we have been and will remain dedicated to the spirit of the Clery Act and its intent to provide transparent information and safer educational environments at all institutions of higher learning.

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