This is my 9th year raising money for Habitat for Humanity. All donations go to the Milwaukee affiliate.

It's this simple. Sometimes life gives a person a tough row to hoe. I can either sit by the wayside and watch, or I can help. I don't have the resources to donate thousands or even hundreds of dollars, but I do have the best set of friends anyone could imagine. I also have the willpower to ride 500 miles in a week and sleep on gym floors. I'll do that, you give what you can, and everyone ends up a little bit better off.

Last year you raised $5,120 for Milwaukee's Habitat for Humanity. I am still stunned at the number of people who contributed and their generosity. Is it possible to do it two years in a row?

Many hands make light work, so I would love it if you could help find new donors. Here are some thoughts:

1. Use social media to help me publicize the cause.

2. Ask (challenge) your co-workers to match your donation. You buy their kid's Girl Scout cookies, don't you?

3. Pass the hat at family gatherings.

As always, I'll host a make-your-own turtle sundae party after the ride is over. Homemade hot fudge & caramel. Mmm-mmm! Any donation of $100 or more has the option of requesting a batch of home baked goodies.

And if you can't give, send me a note offering your moral support while I'm riding. Getting notes of encouragement while I'm on the road means a great deal to me.

Let's do this!


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