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Since 1999, the Eastern Conference for Workplace Democracy has organized to create intentional working relationships within the movement for workplace democracy, offering nuts and bolts training and learning opportunities for worker-owners, cooperative organizers, and other supporters.

We believe in the power of worker ownership and cooperation to create profound changes in our culture and our livelihoods.

The 2013 conference theme, “Growing Our Cooperatives, Growing Our Communities,” will focus not only on the skills and tools necessary to cooperatives to develop themselves and their workers, but also how we, as a movement, can effect large-scale social and economic change. Our keynote speaker, Deborah Frieze, former co-president of the Berkana Institute and author of Walk Out Walk On will speak to emerging communities of practice and network leadership in the midst of system-wide breakdown.

By providing financial or in-kind support for gatherings such as ECWD, you help to sustain existing relationships and to make this social web accessible to new and different networks.

Our volunteers and organizers I donate LOTS of time and energy, because ECWD cares about about real people taking real ownership of their lives, their work and their needs, and looking out for their families, their neighbors and their environment.It's about focusing on solutions rather than on problems.

If you make a donation of up to $100, it gets matched by Fund for Democratic Communities. And if you can't make a donation, at least like or share this campaign with your networks, so that more people see it and consider helping out!

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