Helping to Make a Difference: So honored to run and raise funds for the 2013 Boston Marathon for the Michael Lisnow Respite Center!

I am so excited to run the Boston Marathon in 2013 for the Michael Lisnow Respite Center in Hopkinton, MA! The Michael Lisnow Respite Center is a non-profit organization that provides daycare, after school care, and weekend respite services to children and adults with disabilities. This year, I run with such love and admiration for the Respite Center. The commitment and love that the Respite Center offers families is so wonderful.

I am running this year for - and with - my grandfather. My grandfather, Cliff Herman, passed away this past September on his birthday. My Grandpa was proud that I ran the Boston Marathon last year because he knew that I was inspired to run for the Michael Lisnow Respite Center for his son, my Uncle Richard, who had passed away at a very young age from severe disabilities. With my Grandpa behind every step, I run this year to give other families the opportunity to live and love with disabilities!

I am incredibly grateful for the health and happiness of my sons, Patrick and Sean. Patrick was born prematurely with complications. In those moments of hope and faith, I commited to giving back. I didn't know at the time that my commitment would lead to running ridiculous miles, but God works in mysterious ways! haha!

This being my second marathon, I am only slightly wiser to training for 26.2 miles. 26.2 miles is a lonnggggg way! I have had a blast running a few races this year! My training plan will consist of ~500 miles, strength/conditioning, cross training, nutrition plan, and speed workouts. That’s the plan anyway!! No matter what, you can bet that I’ll finish!! Last year, I finished in 20,001st place… How cool is that number?? J

Please consider a donation to raise money for the Michael Lisnow Respite Center. 100% of the pledges will go directly towards the center. My goal is to raise $4000 for the Respite Center. Please consider a donation of any amount! Thank you so very much!!!

I will be sending out updates on my training progress through email and Facebook. Thank You!!

With Love & Appreciation,


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