The Positive Coaching Alliance helps develop better athletes and better people by teaching winning through great sportsmanship.

I got involved with PCA 7 years ago when I saw my own children struggling in sports, in part due to poor coaching.

As a working dad, it was difficult to commit the time to be a youth sports coach, when I was already coaching at the varsity level. PCA gave me the opportunity to use my unique background — as the son of a Hall of Fame collegiate coach, and brother of two scholarship athletes — to share how my upbringing improved my life through sports.

Although I didn't have the size to be Div.I player out of high school, I did play collegiate football and baseball at the Div.III level and was ultimately signed by the Green Bay Packers. All thanks to positive coaching throughout my life: getting me in the game, urging me to be better, without sacrificing my character to do so. I learned that you could compete at a very high level, and still recognize that sports was still a game... a game that was only made better when the fun was left inside of it.

I share that message with coaches, athletes and parents throughout the Midwest, and my fellow PCA trainers (with their unique experiences) across the country. If positive sports coaching has impacted your life (and can see how it can benefit youth everywhere), then I urge you to contribute $25+ to help impact young athletes on their path to becoming better people.

Thanks for your consideration.

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