This conference will give students the tools they need to transition to employment and become the engineering leaders of tomorrow!

The conference will be an opportunity for about 150 students from all over the western United States to build essential skill and knowledge.

Students will tour local engineering companies to see real world industrial engineering problems and solutions. Tours will expose students to new industries.

Students will author research papers and compete by presenting them to their peers and a panel of judges made up of college professors and professional engineers. The competition will build the communication skills and research skills of students and expose students to a variety of research areas; helping to form well informed, articulate students to lead research and industry in the very near future.

Students will explore new ideas in industrial enginering guided by a series of speakers with backgrounds ranging from industry to academia.

Team competitions will be used to create a team-based environment to stimulate critical and creative thinking to solve a series of problems presented to each team.

Throughout the entire conference students will be building strong connections with other students from the 14 universities across 13 states.

And, yes, everyone who attends will have some fun getting to know one another too!

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