UNIDAD Fundraiser June 11 – July 14th, 2012

UNIDAD needs your help! Our campaign to make sure USC’s 20 year plan to double the size of its campus does not displace our community, is reaching a critical point. By late July or August, City Council will vote on the USC Specific Plan – a plan that, if approved in its current form, would cause the displacement of thousands more local families and hundreds more local businesses from our community.

Our community is very much at risk, a community made up of hardworking, low-income, mostly Latino and African-American residents, workers, and Mom & Pop businesses that have lived and worked in these neighborhoods for decades. Unless the USC Plan is changed to include affordable housing, living-wage jobs for local residents, and support for local small businesses, our community will be pushed aside and swept away.

UNIDAD has mobilized scores of organizations and hundreds of individuals, and has put the preservation of our community right at the center of debate over the USC Plan. But we have to increase the pressure even more! USC has intensified its well-funded efforts to push their plan through as quickly as possible, without the necessary mitigation measures needed to prevent displacement. With the USC Plan coming before City Council’s PLUM Committee in late July or early August, and then onto full City Council for a final vote, we’ve got to make sure our elected officials hear from us again, and again, and AGAIN!

We need your help to make it across the finish line, and secure a plan that’s good not just for USC but for our community as well, a plan that supports local families, workers, and businesses, instead of displacing them.

We’re raising $10,000 to help cover campaign expenses, time is of the essence. Give $10, $25, $50, $100 (or more!) and help protect our community for years to come!

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