Evan gets one hit for every $10 he raises for the Hit-a-Thon...let's aim to make his arms LIMP NOODLES by the end of the event!

<Cue sad violin music> Poor Evan - he was born into a cold, harsh, uncaring world and surrounded by an unloving family. "You over there - what's your name again?" "Boy, it sure be nice to have a son." ... these were common things his parents would openly ponder, despite his repeated insistance that he WAS a part of the Poorman Clan. Even the family cats only viewed Evan as a threat to the food they would get in their dishes and would hiss at him as he slept, just to remind him of his place.

Then one day, Evan discovered he was good at hitting things with a stick. "Hey - hitting things with a stick is fun! I wonder if there are other kids who like to hit things with sticks as well," he would speculate. And one day, his question was answered - he discovered Four County Little League, where he could make hitting things with a stick a game with other kids who liked to do the same thing.

Now the world is a warmer, more caring place for Evan. The cats may still hiss at him, but only when he's awake. And every once in awhile, his "dad" will look admiringly at him and say, "You're OK, Eric. Are you sure you live here?"

Please donate to Evan's Hit-a-Thon and encourage him to hit things with a stick.

Because it's all he has. <End sad violin music>

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