Because every baby deserves a clean diaper

Did you know that one in three American women struggle to afford clean diapers for their babies? In low-income families, infants may spend an entire day in one diaper, leading to health risks and developmental delays. Most subsidized child care centers in the US require disposable diapers. This prevents mothers who cannot afford diapers from being able to return to work.

Facts like these are what motivate ACOG Junior Fellows (JFs) to carry out our series of diaper drives across the country. JFs have already “raised” more than 50,000 diapers in the past year by hosting retail store drives, placing bins, and soliciting donations. It is amazing to see the compassion our JFs demonstrate. JFs are working hard to achieve our goal of collecting more than 200,000 diapers for our local communities. We have conducted drives in Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois, Texas, and Ohio, and the list of locations continues to grow.

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