Help us raise funds for our mission trip to Greece where we will hold an inner healing conference and help with other ministries.

We will be going with a ministry team from 1208GREENWOOD Free Methodist Church to Thessaloniki Greece this upcoming January 9-21. Thessaloniki is an ancient Greek city, one in which the Apostle Paul founded a church. Paul also wrote two letters to the Church at Thessalonica. If you have listened to the news in the last year, you know that present day Greece is in a big economic mess. The Church and Christian workers in Greece need refreshment, renewal, and healing to continue the mission of Jesus.

We will be leading a conference on “Emotionally Healthy Spirituality” for Thessaloniki Church Anagenesis, the only Free Methodist Church in Greece, where Mike Long serves as Pastor. We will be leading in worship, teaching on holistic Christian spirituality, ministering inner-healing prayer, and preaching the Good News. In addition, we will be going to the city of Athens to minister with Street Lights; a street ministry to the youth of Athens.

Thessaloniki Church Anagenesis is a solid, Spirit-filled, Bible-based, praying church with a worshiping heart, genuine love, and multi-national congregation. Anagenesis means "creating again" which is exactly what God is doing in the lives of those who believe in Jesus Christ. God is transforming people and the world. The Mission of Thessaloniki Church Anagenesis is to be a house of God full of worship, prayer, and joy, offering the fullness of God to each person of Thessaloniki in the spirit of the first house of God in our city. Jason's home hosted Thessaloniki's first church in Acts 17:5 and he became a Saint.


-First, we would like you to sign on with us as PRAYER partners.

-Second, we need to raise $4,500 for airfare for our team. Any extra money we raise will go towards sponsoring others outside of our confirmed team who want to join the trip.

Keep in touch with our 1208GREECE trip on our Facebook page.

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