As part of "Track Friday," I am going to run a marathon on a high school track - 105.5 laps - to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief!

I've decided to challenge my friends, family and myself to a unique challenge to raise funds and supplies for charities supporting others in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. If my teammates and I can combine efforts to raise $5,000 for recovery related charities between now and Thanksgiving, I will run a full marathon (105.5 laps) on the Middletown High School North track.

I am raising money for the Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. The Foodbank is at the forefront of disaster relief efforts in a community that has already benefitted from such services before tragedy struck the shores. For every dollar donated, the Foodbank can provide three meals to families in need. A donation of $25 can provide 75 meals!

On November 23rd, I will run my laps. I encourage you to come by, drop off a food donation, and even join me for a few laps on the track. If you're joining the team, I encourage you to support the Foodbank with me!


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