The mustache: the most charitable of facial hair.

The people who know me well are aware of my passion for the mustache. There's nothing classier or more handsome than a man with a shock of hair just above his upper lip. In the spirit of true class, I'll be donning the ol' Burt Reynolds to support the Boys Club of New York. The Boys Club strives to sustain an environment that nurtures individual talent, strengthens family, and promotes strong citizenship - all things a distinguished mustache-wearer can support. And if you believe more is better, I won't just be donning any old mustache for this year's event; oh no, that wouldn't be good enough for the Boys Club of New York. Instead, I'll be sporting the most fashionable mustache of all: the "Lemmy." Made famous by Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister, this isn't your creepy uncle's mustache. Only a true man can bring together the splendor of mutton chops with the majesty of a fine mustache. I strive to be that man. Please donate to this great cause, and a very good mustache to you!

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