FAQs for Nonprofits

Getting Your Organization Listed on Razoo

  1. Suppose our organization is a bona fide public charity, but not currently on Razoo Foundation’s list, why is that?

    Yes, and this is where you can be a big help in making the Razoo Foundation list of approved charities the most comprehensive available. First, the IRS Master File is not perfect, and some organizations are de-listed or not listed by mistake. Second, the IRS Master File is not complete. There are at least 3 categories of public charities that are not included in the IRS Master file among the 1.3M 501(c)(3) charities. The IRS Master File does not include most churches (only 60,000 of the 360,000 churches, and other houses of worship are listed) or small charities (estimated at another several hundred thousand charities), because they are exempt from having to file with the IRS to operate as tax exempt entities. A third category of eligible public charities not listed in the IRS Master File are the affiliates of a central organization, like most of the local chapters of the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts or YMCA. All three of these categories of public charities are eligible to receive regrants from Razoo Foundation, and should be on our lists. But the only way we will know about these many worthy charities is if you tell us.

  2. My nonprofit is not on your site - how does it get listed?

    The database of nonprofits on our site includes 501(c)(3) organizations listed in the IRS Business Master File, excluding private non-operating foundations. If your organization is a registered 501(c)(3) and not in our database, please send us your letter of determination from the IRS via email np@razoo.com or fax (1-866-322-1722).

    If you represent an organization that is a registered 501(c)(3) that does not appear in the Razoo Foundation database, please send us the organization’s current letter of determination from the IRS via email np@razoo.com or fax (1-866-322-1722). If you represent a local affiliate of an central organization that holds a group exemption, please send us via email np@razoo.com or fax (1-866-322-1722) the following two items:

    1. The central organization’s current letter of determination from the IRS, and
    2. Its most recent filing with the IRS listing your local organization as covered by its group exemption.

    If you represent an organization that is a religious or faith-based organization not required to file with the IRS, please send us via email np@razoo.com or fax (1-866-322-1722) the following three items:

    1. An official denominational listing clearly identifying this church or house of worship e.g. state letter for churches, Lutheran Directory, etc.,
    2. EIN Issuance Letter from the IRS, and
    3. Request on official letterhead from the senior pastor or other head of the organization requesting inclusion in the Razoo Foundation master list, confirming that the organization is duly constituted as a church or other religious organization, year and jurisdiction of creation, and has been in continuous operation as such for at least the last ten years. Please also include your contact information: name, title, phone #, email address, and organization website.

    If you represent a small organization that has annual gross receipts of less than $5,000 and is organized as a nonprofit charity, but does not appear in the Razoo Foundation database, please send us via email np@razoo.com or fax (1-866-322-1722)the the following four items:

    1. A request on official letterhead from the head of the organization requesting inclusion in the Razoo Foundation master list, confirming that the organization is duly constituted as a nonprofit, charitable organization, year and jurisdiction of creation, and has been in continuous operation as such for at least the last ten years;
    2. A copy of the entity’s organizational documents (normally this would be the Articles and Bylaws);
    3. An EIN Issuance Letter from the IRS, if there is one; and
    4. A statement on official letterhead from the head of another community organization affirming the requesting charity’s bona fides and good standing in the community.

  3. What if I want the nonprofit I represent removed from your database?

    Contact us via email (np@Razoo.com) or fax (1-866-322-1722) and we will immediately remove you from our list.

  4. The nonprofit I represent is not registered in the United States - can it still be listed on Razoo?

    If the nonprofit you represent is registered outside the United States, it may still be listed on Razoo if a US-registered 501(c)(3) organization agrees to serve as its fiscal sponsor. Under this scenario, you would want to create a Fundraising Page under the umbrella of the fiscal sponsor’s Organization Page. For more information about fiscal sponsorship, please read this article.

Razoo and GiveMN

  1. What will happen to my nonprofit's page on Razoo once the GiveMN transitions away from Razoo?

    Your organization’s page can still be found on Razoo's site at www.razoo.com. Use http://www.razoo.com/[URL of your organization] to be redirected to your page on the Razoo platform.

  2. What will happen to my GiveMN account?

    Your GiveMN account will no longer exist on Razoo. However, if you represent a nonprofit, the content on your former GiveMN page will still exist, only you should use your Razoo URL in place of your GiveMN URL (see above). Every 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the IRS database has a Razoo page - over 1 million organizations in the U.S.

    If you are a donor or fundraiser, you can still support and fundraise for your favorite charities through Razoo. All nonprofits previously listed on GiveMN still have their own listing on Razoo.

    Our mission at Razoo is to equip nonprofits, fundraisers, and donors to spark a movement of “everyday philanthropists.” Through Razoo, supporters can do all their charitable activities in an easy, fun, and engaging way. Razoo’s platform is made possible because of Razoo Foundation’s donor-advised fund.

  3. Will I be able to use all the features of Razoo as a Minnesota nonprofit?

    Yes! You can continue to use the Razoo Donation Widget, Facebook Widget, Project pages, Team pages, and all the easy-to-use features that Razoo offers. In addition, we are committed to releasing new features (including expanded payment options like PayPal) in the next few months.

  4. Why should I continue to use Razoo?

    It is to your nonprofit’s advantage to continue using Razoo! It’s free to maintain your nonprofit’s presence on Razoo. There are no contracts, set up fees, or subscription rates. Through Razoo, your donors and fundraisers can continue their year-round giving through one-time campaigns and recurring donations. They can utilize Razoo’s Team pages to fundraise for marathons, bike rides, and service trips. You can also sign up to participate in National Days of Giving like Give Out Day or Everyone’s Kids, Everyone Gives (a day to stop domestic child trafficking).

Administrative Access to my Organization’s Page

  1. How can I update the information on the page of the nonprofit I represent?

    If you are an authorized representative of a nonprofit, you can edit content on the organization’s page by applying for Administrative Access via our online form. Please note that you will first need to sign up for an individual account with Razoo in order to obtain Administrative Access.

    Once approved, you will receive an email from do-not-reply@razoo.com, notifying you of your administrative privileges. When you login to your account, you will then see a "My nonprofit" link at the top menu bar where you can access our Admin Tools to edit the organization’s page.

  2. How can I update an organization’s address as it appears on Razoo?

    If the nonprofit’s address has changed, please provide the following via email (np@razoo.com) or fax (1-866-322-1722):

    1. Name and EIN of organization
    2. Your name and title
    3. Organization's website reflecting the correct address, and
    4. Official documentation of the change in address. (Acceptable forms of documentation include: utility bill, bank statement, confirmation from IRS of address change, or Certificate of Change of Principal Office).

    Once you have submitted the above to Razoo, we can update the address as it appears on the organization’s page. Please note that any grant checks that are sent to an organization will be only sent to the address we have on file for that organization.

  3. Can an organization have more than one administrator?

    Yes, an organization can have multiple administrators, although it will be up to the organization to internally coordinate page edits, Project Page creation, and management of donation reports. Each administrator must be an authorized representative of the organization, and complete our online form.

  4. I am the local chapter representative of a national organization. What should I do if our local chapter does not have its own EIN?

    If your local chapter does not have its own EIN but shares one with the national organization, we encourage you to create a Fundraising Page on behalf of the national organization.

    In the “Title” field, you can specify the name of your local chapter so that funds raised through the fundraising page will be designated for your local organization. The internal accounting staff of the national organization can then distribute those funds to your local chapter – please coordinate directly with your national organization. Alternatively, if you represent a local affiliate of an central organization that holds a group exemption, you may send us via email (np@RazooFoundation.org) or fax (1-866-322-1722) the following two items:

    1. The central organization’s current letter of determination from the IRS, and
    2. Its most recent filing with the IRS listing your local organization as covered by its group exemption.

  5. Can I use Project Pages to sell event tickets or auction items?

    No, Razoo does not support the selling of tickets or any other good or service. The donor of any online donation cannot receive, nor be promised to receive, any valuable goods or services as a result of such a donation.

Receiving Donations

  1. Are there any setup or subscription fees for a nonprofit to receive donations through Razoo?

    No. Unlike many other websites, there are no sign up or subscription fees on Razoo. Razoo Foundation retains 4.9% of each donation to help cover expenses such as credit card processing costs. See our pricing page for more details.

  2. How and when will a nonprofit receive funds that are donated through Razoo?

    Razoo Foundation makes grants to advised charities each month on or around the 10th of the following month. For example, if a donation was made on January 20 through Razoo, a nonprofit would receive the funds on or around February 10.

    Grant checks are mailed to the organization’s address on file with Razoo unless the organization has set up an electronic funds transfer (EFT). For more information about grants, please see How Donations Work. If you have questions about disbursements, please contact np@razoo.com.

  3. How can a nonprofit set up an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)?

    If a nonprofit is interested in receiving its monthly disbursement via EFT, please click here or call our Customer Support Team 1-866-437-1952.

  4. How can I view a grant report for the nonprofit I represent?

    To view a grant report and view donor contact information, log into your Razoo account and click on ‘My organization.’ In the Admin Tools, choose ‘Donations,’ where you can view a report online or download it as a .csv file. We also provide an online Disbursement report so that you can cross-reference transactions included in your monthly disbursement with your Donations report. The Disbursement report is another link in the Admin Tools that can be accessed by clicking on ‘My nonprofit.’

  5. Does a nonprofit that receives grants from Razoo Foundation need to issue tax receipts to its donors for Razoo donations?

    No, donations made through Razoo will receive an email receipt from Razoo Foundation. However, Razoo does encourage nonprofits to send a thank you note to Razoo Foundation donors letting them know how awesome they are.

  6. Where do donors’ tax receipts come from?

    Tax-deductible receipts are issued by Razoo Foundation via email. Razoo’s Customer Support Team can issue duplicate receipts for all donations made through Razoo. Donors should email donations@razoo.com with their full name, date of donation, designated nonprofit, and donation amount. If a donor requires a duplicate donation for a contribution made prior to August 1, 2010, please email donations@networkforgood.org.

  7. Why do the donation receipts reference the Razoo Foundation?

    The Razoo Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 public charity that operates a donor advised fund. It is Razoo Foundation’s normal practice to regrant 95.1% of a donor-advised contribution to the qualifying IRS recognized 501(c)(3) organization advised by the donor, and to retain 4.9% for Razoo Foundation’s expenses (including credit card transaction costs). A regrant to the advised organization is generally made on the 10th of the month following receipt of the advised contribution. Razoo Foundation issues a tax receipt to donors (contributions are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers to the full extent permitted by law).

Donation Widget FAQs

  1. Donation Widget Installation Instructions

    Check with your server and domain host as well as your HTML editor to make sure that your website (or blog) accepts and renders external Javascript. The widget cannot be installed if your server or editor does not accept external Javascript. Search on Razoo for the nonprofit for which you'd like to raise money. You can get a widget for any organization, project or individual's fundraising page on Razoo.com. Once you've found the nonprofit, project or fundraiser you're interested in, visit their page. There, click "Share," located under "More Ways You Can Help" in the right-hand sidebar, or in your admin toolbar. Copy and paste the HTML code into your webpage or blog editor, and you're done!

  2. Want to use the widget but haven't created your fundraiser yet?

    Click here!

  3. Are donations made through the widget secure?

    Yes - 100%. Even when the widget is embedded on your website, donors accessing the widget are doing so through Razoo’s servers. For more information about security and privacy, click here.

  4. Can I change the widget’s size or colors?

    The current version of the widget cannot be re-sized, but the color can be customized. To customize the color of your widget, choose a color from the color wheel, then select "Generate Widget" in order to update the code. We are working to add even more features in future releases of the donation widget, so stay tuned! Currently, the widget needs a minimum space of 300 x 500 pixels to display correctly on your blog or webpage.

  5. Can a donor indicate a requested use in the widget during their donation process?

    No. The widget does not currently accept requests for use or dedications. We recommend that if you would like to fundraise for a specific project or event that you create a fundraising or project page on Razoo.com with a custom requested use and then use the widget associated with that fundraising or project page. To learn more about how to create a fundraising page or project page, click here.

  6. How is the donation widget different from the current "Donate Now" button available on Razoo?

    A donor who clicks on the current "Donate Now" button is re-directed to the nonprofit's profile on Razoo.com, where they can make a secure donation subject to the Terms of Use. The donation widget allows a donor to stay on your blog or nonprofit’s website. Both options leverage the Razoo giving platform for efficiency and security in processing donations.

  7. Why does my widget only show one donation amount option?

    Information on the widget is pulled from the same page on Razoo from which you pulled the widget code. Add suggested donation amounts to your page by selecting “Edit” from your admin toolbar. The widget will then display the first three suggested donation amounts you entered.

  8. Will donations through the donation widget be reflected in a nonprofit's or fundraiser's grant report?

    Yes, grants through the donation widget appear in your grant report as if it were made through Razoo.com and will be specified as such so you can see which donations are made through the widget.