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Finding your way around Razoo

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What is Razoo Foundation?

GiveMN is partnering with Razoo Foundation to create an engaging destination for donors to connect with nonprofits. Razoo Foundation is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) public charity that Razoo Global Corporation (“Razoo”) helped launch, but now operates as an independent Foundation while sharing Razoo’s charitable vision and name. Razoo provides the web platform that powers GiveMN.

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What does the word "Razoo" mean?

The word “Razoo” is a term used in Australia and New Zealand for a coin of small value. The name represents Razoo's belief that individual contributions, when combined effectively, can have a massive positive impact in the lives of others.

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How is Razoo funded?

We are funded by philanthropic partners seeking to revolutionize giving, and we generate revenue through partnerships with corporations and foundations that share our vision. In a recent partnership, we helped launch GiveMN, a localized online giving marketplace serving the state of Minnesota.

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Where does the organization information come from?

Our catalog data of nonprofits that you may support is maintained by Razoo Foundation who derives the information from the IRS’ Exempt Organizations Business Master File (which itself amplifies Publication 78).

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