Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty before it is transferred to yet another generation, by building more educated and productive co

EI started in 2004 in Nicaragua. EI’s approach addresses the root cause and the plight of many street children in the slums (‘barrios’) in both countries. Street children generally come from poor families. They cannot attend school even where public education is free due to lack of funds for mandatory uniforms and school supplies. They also lack emotional support from their families. Instead of being educated, they are sent out to work on the streets selling fruits, vegetables, and trinkets. EI reverses this trend by working with the children and their families to enable them to attend school. We provide financial and emotional support. When these children receive an education, they are able to stay off the streets, find better jobs, and eventually break the cycle of poverty that has haunted their families for generations. About child sponsorship: Child sponsorship is a great way to make a direct different in a child's life. You provide not only financial support, but also strength and motivation to the child through their knowledge that someone cares about their well-being. You can opt to sponsor a child by making $30 monthly donations (or a single $360 donation for the year). "Padrinos" receive information about the child, including biographical information, photo, letters from the child, and updates. You may also write letters to your sponsor child if you wish. We also offer the option to sponsor a secondary school child for $50 per month. If you select this option you will still receive information, updates, and a letter from the child.

If you prefer, you may send a check to us at Empowerment International

PO BOX 1215 Lyons CO 80540.

If you have questions you can also contact us at 303.823.6495 or email us at empowerment.international at gmail.com.

Thank you for your support!

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